"Nancy not only helped our daughter make more fluid movements, she also gave my husband and me great guidance so we can better understand what
our daughter needed to progress." — Kathryn, NYC

Torticollis Treatments

Nancy Neiditz has been a physical therapist since 1989 and has been treating babies with Torticollis since 1995. She has created a method of working with this condition that encompasses her ballet and modern dance training, Feldenkrais®, and The Anat Baniel Method™ for Children. Her no-stretching and no-tummy-time techniques gently address this difficult posture with positioning, eye-hand coordination, feeding techniques and gentle movements. Rather than aiming at the musculoskeletal system of the body, Nancy incorporates the neuromuscular component with a strong emphasis on "brain plasticity."

Please contact Nancy if you are interested in arranging a workshop.


Watch Videos of Nancy Practicing Toticollis Treatments:


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