"Any child that gets to work with Nancy Neiditz is surely lucky. Nancy brings to her work, creativity, skill and years of experience.
Her outcomes are breathtaking. Nancy is truly a treasure!”
— Marcy Lindheimer, Anat Baniel Method Senior Trainer

Nancy Neiditz, P.T., C.F.P., Pediatric Physical Therapist, Anat Baniel Method™ for Children and Feldenkrais® Practitioner

ListenListen to Nancy's podcast on Well-Adjusted Mama discussing her background and screening for normal motor development.

The keys to working with children – from infants on up – are patience, warmth, and acceptance. Our gentle touch, loving smiles, and capacity to empathize are essential to this work, every bit as important to success as all the physiological facts and theories in the world.

Infants will relax and become more open to our tactile input when we do not insist on a particular stance or posture but rather, let them join us in a beautiful dance of acceptance and exploration. Touch them and move them with great, great care.

Here's what I know: it works. It really works.

- Nancy Neiditz, P.T., C.F.P.

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Nancy will be an international speaker at the 2018 International Congress on Early Intervention and Rehabilitation in Turkey